The cost of an audio ad?

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How much does a to produce? It’s often the first question we’re asked but, sadly, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer.

To explain, here’s a whistle-stop tour of the main factors which influence the pricing of a ad.

1. Voice
A voice can make or break your so casting is crucial. Voice-over fees are agreed by the industry and determined by the size and number of the stations where the commercial is broadcast. Broadly, the larger the station the larger the fee, and for multiple stations multiple fees will be due. Also, well-known actors and celebrities may have a minimum fee so you might have to allow for that.

2. Music
Music is important in defining a campaign, and it can also have a significant effect on cost. As with voice fees, the size and number of stations will be a factor, but more critical is where the music is sourced. There are set fees for off-the-shelf libraries but specially composed pieces and well-known tracks are all subject to negotiation and can vary enormously.

3. Time
development, research, script writing, casting, music search, legal clearance, recording, editing, mixing and distribution all take time, which is why large complex jobs cost more than small straight-forward ones.

There’s no simple answer to how much a audio ad costs, but we make the process as easy as possible and we’re experts at working within our clients’ budgets.

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