Digital Radio is on a high

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Recent radio audience figures, released last week by RAJAR, showed that digital now accounts for 41.7% of all radio listening – up from 39.9% on quarter 2.

This increase in digital listening is, in part, being driven by the ability of stations to cater for more eclectic tastes, creating highly targeted stations – Like Absolute 70’s and Capital Xtra.

The growth of digital will no doubt snowball as next year sees the launch of a raft of new specialist commercial stations via the Digital 2 Multiplex.

With more digital stations, there is more opportunity for hyper-targeting. This is great for brands, but means agencies will need to box clever and think much more carefully about how to ensure their radio ads are congruent to the audience.

Congruency (where the ad matches the “need state” of the listener) has been a vital part of radio advertising for years, but it’s fast becoming much more complex and much more vital in a multi-channel digital world.

For instance, a commercial that has been running on the Heart, may not necessarily be effective on Kisstory.

It’s not only the creative approach that needs to be considered, but also the execution – ensuring the voiceover and any music fits the station’s audience profile like a glove.

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