Podcasts to touch down in 2016

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American advertisers will have spent big bucks to secure their place in the upcoming Super Bowl ad-breaks.  Interestingly though, even those coveted spots don’t achieve the CPT that many podcasts now command.  So what makes this apparently simple format outperform the main event of the American sporting calendar?

Clearly podcasts don’t offer the reach of the big game, but with an estimated 46 million Americans listening monthly that is changing.  More importantly, podcasts offer a very desirable audience – young, tech savvy and affluent – and an environment that’s intimate, personal and inclusive.  This makes for a powerful combination for advertisers.  Up until now, most advertisers on podcasts are challenger brands, however, with improving technology and better content delivering greater scale, 2016 could be the year larger brands catch on.

The business model for is still evolving, but it’s definitely an area to keep an eye on.  If you want to find out more about the potential of podcasts, try listening to few – but be warned, they can be addictive.  There are plenty of free apps that make searching and listening easy – Overcast on iOS and Podcast Addict on Android are two we prefer – so give it a go today.

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