Music moves you

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Bestival, Download, Latitude and Glastonbury – we’re about to be besieged by a host of big summer music festivals. Music is an intrinsic part of British life and has an amazing ability to move us – it’s the type of emotional connection brands have always been keen to tap into.

A research study by the IPA Databank demonstrates that ad campaigns with music are 27% more likely to be effective than those without. Music works in a pattern that sticks in the memory and can even change how you feel.

It’s often the case that the decision to use music is left until the end of the and strategic thought process, when it absolutely should be considered right at the start.
Finding the right music for your brand can be complex, not to mention critical to the impact of your campaign. There’s a whole host of options: from off-the-shelf “library music” to the traditional “jingle”, to well-known music that needs to be licensed from the rights holders.

Experts helps brands navigate this multifaceted musical labyrinth, exploring all the possibilities, ensuring the finished production moves the listener emotionally, leading to a positive response.

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