The Visual Artistry of Audio

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It’s hard to deny that many campaigns are built around a visual idea, but this doesn’t preclude them from becoming great radio or digital campaigns too. It just takes a little thinking and an understanding of the medium to translate pictures into . How you do this, of course, depends on what the initial idea is.

For example, you may well be surprised how effective a piece of sound design or even music can be in evoking an image in the mind’s eye. There is even an argument that these self-generated images have a more powerful impact as they are personal to the listener. Alternatively, well-crafted copy delivered by great actors can create all sorts of scenarios without the need for days of expensive filming. Then there’s always a more lateral approach, where you play on the absence of image to tease and intrigue listeners so they seek out more – this is one of the great drivers behind the synergy between audio and online.

So if you think your concept is purely visual, talk to us about translating it into audio. After all, it would be a shame to miss out on the reach, targeting and cost-effectiveness that radio and digital audio advertising offer.


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