Getting your head(phones) around streaming audio.

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Streaming is fast becoming a powerful new media opportunity. Spotify goes from strength to strength, Apple has recently got in on the act to much fanfare, and Facebook has announced plans to do the same. Recent data from Triton Digital, a leading US network of ad-funded audio streaming services, has provided a valuable insight into how consumers prefer to engage with the medium.

The American market is currently more developed than the UK and the latest update from Triton gives us a valuable insight into the future.  Inside their audio network of 3,000 streaming channels with 35million monthly unique visitors, Triton reports that mobile has been steadily growing and now represents over 75% of all listening, with desktop just 25%.

It’s a safe assumption that if you’re listening on a mobile device you’ll most likely be listening via headphones – just look around on any train or bus. At audio experts we recognise this requires a different approach to traditional broadcast advertising. After all, people wear headphones to isolate themselves from the noisy world around us, so if you want to truly engage with them you shouldn’t be a noisy intruder, but instead a gracious and welcome guest.

To find out how we can help you achieve this for your next audio advertising campaign.

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