Behind the scenes of Nickelodeon’s ‘ridiculous and rude’ new web series ‘Tinkershrimp & Dutch’ | The Drum

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Nickelodeon is no stranger to original programming, and now the Viacom-owned channel has launched its first UK interactive digital series, ‘Tinkershrimp & Dutch’.

Crafted by shop Ralph, the animated project follows the adventures of a langoustine and a slow lorris who are “the time travelling body guards of an eccentric king of ‘Great Great Britain’”.

The caught up with the agency’s co-founder Greg Stevenson and creative director Chris Stack to discuss the origins of the project and the unique animation process.

“It’s very different from where you’re locked down into the tone of voice and definitely can’t be as ridiculous and rude as we are,” he asserted.

The score for the show was written and performed by Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand along with Ralph producer Andrew Knowles. The pair told The Drum their creative remit was pretty “loose”, and explained how they would use phrases like “creepy soundbed” as the basis for their competitions.



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